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Leadership Committee Structure

The ACL Mini-THON LC follows a dynamic committee structure. This system works along the principles of having very few permanent members for each committee, with most Leadership Committee members transferring between committees based on the different amounts of work required for each committee depending on the time of year and the diverse skill sets of each committee member.

Dynamic members will have the possibility to switch between all committees (which currently are events, marketing, and merchandise). The only permanent members on each committee will be the Committee Captains (who have already been recruited) as well as the three to four permanent members of the Website Development Team, which is not considered a committee.

Descriptions for each committee are available below.

Executive Committee

No Openings Available

The Executive Committee is responsible for the effective operation and synergy of the ACL Mini-THON Leadership Committee. The Executive Committee is responsible for ensuring the collaboration and effectiveness of the Academies of Loudoun Mini-THON in general. Additionally, the Executive Committee is specifically responsible for communication between the Academies of Loudoun Mini-THON and ACL school administration, Four Diamonds, and corporate sponsors.

Executive Committee members are only those signed onto the Partnership Agreement with Four Diamonds as student chairs. As such, there are no position openings available.

Events Committee

The Events Committee is responsible for all logistics, planning, preparation, volunteering, and organization required for the actual Mini-THON event, as well as any side-fundraisers. Examples include food, event set-up, event take-down, decoration, etc. As such, the Events Committee requires members with a wide variety of talents who will all work together to make an ACL Mini-THON possible.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is responsible for all marketing and advertising for ACL Mini-THON. The primary goal of the marketing committee will be to help promote ACL Mini-THON and help it gain traction amongst the ACL demographic, as well as to help spread awareness about pediatric cancer. The Marketing Committee will help accomplish this through a variety of manners, including with flyers, posters, announcements, videos, social media, emails, and coming up with other creative methods to promote and engage Mini-THON within the Academies of Loudoun and to its students.

Merchandise Committee

The Merchandise Committee is responsible for the planning, logistics, design, and production of all ACL Mini-THON merchandise (eg. t-shirts, drawstring bags, stickers, bands, etc.). The Marketing Committee will work closely with the Executive Committee to create budgets, estimate product demand, and allocate capital.

Website Development Team

The Website Development Team is responsible for the maintenance and development of the official ACL Mini-THON web page. The team will work with the other committees to build requested website features as well as ensure accurate information. The official website of ACL Mini-THON will NOT be this website (which is made with Google Sites), and will instead be created with Weebly.

The Website Development Team is not technically considered a committee and will not have a lead or captain. It will instead work directly with other committees to fulfill requests.