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LC Positions

Learn about each position and what we are seeking in applicants

There are two types of positions, Dynamic Committee Members and Website Development Team members. Please reference the chart below if you are confused about which committees they flow into. Also, to learn more about the committees, please visit our page LC Structure.

Dynamic Committee Members

There is a lot that goes into pulling a successful Mini-THON, and because of that, the ACL Mini-THON LC is seeking applicants with a diverse range of talents and skillsets. Below, we have listed the positions and compiled a list of some of the skills that we would best prefer at least a portion of our dynamic committee members to possess.

It is important to note that applicants do not need to have any of the listed skills to be accepted. In fact, those who have a skill that is not mentioned but may nevertheless be of great value and provide immense contribution may have an even better chance. Furthermore, the ACL Mini-THON LC recognizes and deeply believes that there is much more to the aptitude of an applicant than his/her current skills, with characteristics such as dedication, flexibility, and interest being equally if not more important.

Number of Positions Open: 15-20

Examples of Some Preferred Skills/Experience:

  • Decoration

  • Event Preparation/Planning/Organization

  • Management/Leadership

  • Marketing/Advertising

  • Finances/Accounting

  • Art/Drawing

  • Graphic Design

  • Video Production/Creative Content Creation

  • Product Design/Creation

  • Experience Working with Vendors/Businesses

Website Development Team

Number of Positions Open: 3-4

Required Skills/Experience:

  • Strong experience in web page design, preferably with a web development platform such as Weebly or another similar service.

    • (Preferred) Knowledge of coding applicable to website development (HTML/CSS)