How will Mini-THON work during the current pandemic work?

Although most traditional Mini-THONs have been physical events, they do not have to be! Many schools held virtual Mini-THONs as the pandemic struck during Spring of 2020, and we are currently planning to do so as well. While they are not physical events, with some great ideas and a lot of effort, virtual fundraisers, such as virtual 5ks, hackathons, or a virtual cooking fundraiser - just to name a few examples of some great ideas -, can be just as engaging and effective as physical fundraisers!

Furthermore, regardless of whether or not a fundraiser is physical or virtual, we believe that the fight against pediatric cancer must still go on, and we have confidence that the combined talents of everyone in our Leadership Committee, as well as the compassion and humanity of everyone in our community, will be able to find a way to help raise money and save lives, no matter what.